Vipe is a concept but was designed out of a desire to create an app that allowed people to quickly buy and save their tickets without the need for printing or keeping any paper tickets with them.

Getting Started

A simple and straight-forward login screen was essential for the user. This meant everything needed to be striped back to its bare essentials to allow the user to buy tickets as quickly as possible. Once to user is logged in then they can begin to search and scroll. Choose a date and a city then let Vipe search for all the available bands coming to the area matching your criteria.

Look. Listen. Book.

Once you’ve found an event you can flick through images of the band or artist, get information on the venue and listen to track samples all in one place

Ticket Wallet

When you purchase a ticket you’ll find it in your ticket wallet. Show your ticket at the venue and scan the bar code on screen. No need to print another ticket ever again!