British-made childrenswear designed to be as playful and stylish as the little minimalist in your family.

Identity & Ethos

Bohem's ideology is to create clothing that is as environmentally friendly as possible. Using ethically sourced and recyclable fabrics to create new and desirable products for customers.

Online Experience

Bohem's online presence is designed to reflect children's individuality and charm. Bright and inspirational photography combined with complimentary colour and brand marks through-out the store help to create an engaging and inviting user experience.

Curated Collections

Collections are the forefront of Bohems online experience, helping to engage the user with lookbooks and inspirational brand images. Collections include Stories and Shop by Age.

Mobile Shopping

A clear and easy to navigate mobile experience is important for any online retailer and Bohem is no different, that's why the online experience is as engaging as tablet and desktop experiences are.

Space saving elements are implamented for the mobile experience to maximise screen real-estate. On the product results listings pages this includes hiding decorative imagery and combining headers and filters into a singular element that follows the user as they scroll.

Picking Your Items

A large product gallery area with clear and easy to use option selectors have been added to help ensure the user gets the best experience when choosing a product to buy from the store.

Helpful support widgets follow the users journey of the store, putting the customer in direct contact with the stores customer services team.

Check It Out

Wherever you are, so is your bag. An easy to navigate sidecart on every page makes it easy to edit or continue your purchase, no matter where you are on the Bohem site.